Shipping from China to Amazon UK

We offer a very simple service that can be tailor-made to each individual customer’s requirement.  We can simply assist with your needs anywhere in the chain, whether that be from handling everything from the factory door all the way to Amazon’s warehouse, or simply just on arrival of the cargo to the UK.

If you need assistance finding a supplier we can help – with people on the ground and extensive experience working within China, we can enable you to get the best deal and timely manufacturer of your products. We are also more than happy to work with your existing suppliers as part of our FBA service.

With cargo leaving Chinese ports every day we have the experience to make sure that your goods are packed correctly and help you decide on the most cost effective and efficient way to transport your goods,  whether that be via air or sea. When your cargo lands in the UK we will notify you and automatically start the clearance process.

We have our own comprehensive customs brokerage department and are AEOc compliant, meaning we adhere to the highest standards of practice. If you are new to the process we can advise on how to apply for an EORI number and what level of duty and VAT you can expect to pay.

Our warehouse will check to make sure you have received the correct amount of cargo and there have been no damages in transit.  From here we will prepare your goods to be sent to Amazon’s warehouse, applying the correct labels to the cartons or pallets, ready for dispatch.

This can be the most critical stage of the process.  After all the hard work of getting your cargo to the UK, your stock needs to be at its designated warehouse to sell. We use Amazon’s preferred couriers to make sure your stock is in the depot and ready to sell. No fuss, no hassle.